The Remodel by Michael Hensley

This year we decided to spice up the place.  We were fortunate enough to have been presented the opportunity to purchase this condo in June of last year.  Just typing that makes me wonder where the time went.  It's hard to believe its been a year!

Following the real estate closing it was decided that maybe we could come down during the winter and spend a guys week here working on the condo.  Maybe add a new light fixture here, margarita break, a new picture there, cook a steak, paint this room that color, get a cold beer, and so on.  As you might have guessed, that didn't happen.  I like to blame it on our wives for giving us too many chores around our first home (I hope they don't find out we have a blog on our site).  

So a year passes.

And then . . . . . our beloved interior designer (she really is amazing) Leslie (dear wife of fellow condo partner Brant) steps in a helps us out with guidance on what we should do.  So Brant and Leslie load up the trailer with new furniture, paint, and a few cold colorados for our painting crew (Brant).  At the end of the week they unveiled STAGE ONE of the remodel!  

I said it before and say it again, GREAT JOB you two!  I can't wait to see what Stage Two holds in store.  So take a look at these pictures of what they did.  Please keep in mind that these pictures are from an iPhone.  We will be updating the site with professional interior photos soon.